9 Copywriting Memes That Will Get You Through The Day

Believe In Yourself!


                                                     A little self-esteem boosting one here; remember, your work is invaluable!

This meme is actually aimed at non-copywriters, but for the copywriter it is a reminder of how important you are; your services are essential and companies that recognise your work for how invaluable it really is will do their utmost to keep you around. The meme knows the truth.

Deadline Anxiety!

                                                   You merely adopted the anxiety. Copywriters were born into it...

Ah, deadline anxiety. The copywriters perpetual friend. The ever-present spectre. The silent hand guiding your every word, putting the kettle on for a fourth cup of coffee to finish off that article before the brief. Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to talk with you again.

A friendly reminder that as you gain experience, your work will become more efficient and you will worry about those deadlines less and less.

Don't hold us to that.

Resist The Dark Side...

                                                     Something tells us this meme may have been staged...

It can be tempting as a copywriter, particularly for social media posts such as Instagram or Twitter, when you are encouraged to use a more casual, funny tone of voice, to go down the route of tried-and-tested (read: overused) puns.

But do not go gently into that overused pun! A truly effective social media campaign is about originality, style, and standing out. If you know a fellow copywriter that you like, take a look at how they, for example, tweet. See how they are funny, without resorting to tired out tropes.

You can do it. Think outside the box. The ideas will come. Be funny, don't be punny.

We'll see ourselves out.

                                                We write to deadlines every single day. How's Winds of Winter coming along, George RR Martin?

We write to deadlines every single day. How's Winds of Winter coming along, George RR Martin?

                                                  Now it is over, the pandemic seems like one long massive fever dream shared by billions of people.

Now it is over, the pandemic seems like one long massive fever dream shared by billions of people.

Ah, 'We hope this email finds you well'. You just know you're about to be asked to do something you'd rather not. Unfortunately, just as the 'unprecedented time' of the pandemi ends, we now move into profound energy shortage. Yay! It's okay child, we have memes. Memes will save us.

Been asked to deliver to an unreasonable deadline? Copywriting memes. Several cups of coffee deep and still no further forward? Memes. Feel your services aren't being appreciated for their inherent genius? Memes. Are you- Memes. Memes. Memes. They will save us.

The Disrespect...


                                                             Dost thou not knowest to whom thy speaketh?

Dost thou not knowest to whom thy speaketh?

'Oh that's funny, yes I do actually' *refers boss to your alter ego, alias @CopywritingGod87* 'You sent for me?'


                                                   Throw me a frickin' bone here

Throw me a frickin' bone here!

So they think they can do all of their own advertising, post consistently funny quips, jokes and memes to Twitter, Facebook, with the visual sensibility of a designer, the writing skills usually reserves for professional copywriting, utilizing all of the tools usually developed over time by experts across multiple professionals who provide those services day-in-day out do they? How funny!

Whatever gave them that idea, prepare to swivel in your spinny-chair while stroking a cat like an evil genius and say 'I've been expecting you'.

They shall know their folly soon enough.

The Tip Of The Iceberg

                                           From design to copywriting, there is a whole swath of things that go into making any digital content successful.

From design to copywriting, there is a whole swath of things that go into making any digital content successful. 

Never forget how important you are! The smallest piece of work you do is still a part of the jigsaw- for example, the most basic twitter post- that helps form the cohesive whole, the synchronized, united front that any business wishes their marketing campaigns to be.

It may just be a meme, but a lot of truth be said in jest.

Back Down To Earth...


                                            We've all been there

We've all been there

This is one of those things that actually gets harder with time. The more assured in your abilities you are, the more confident that you know how to write a campaign that will see you being praised (as you so deserve) as a modern day Shakespeare, as a Milton of the digital marketing age, the more difficult it is to accept you may have served up a dud.

You may think you never miss, but miss you shall. Accept that you are never done growing, you are always the worst writer you will ever be, and get back on the horse.

We hoped you enjoyed, and that this helped you get through the day a little bit easier!

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