How Social Media Tools Can Help You Increase Your Digital Marketing Reach

As many as 82% of shoppers have used social media to buy a product from their phones. You can’t understate the value of social media for improving market reach and growth for small businesses. Copywriters can use social media to enhance their client’s digital market reach and increase conversion rates. 

Discover how social media marketing can help you as a copywriter.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is when businesses create accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to promote their products or services. When used correctly, social media marketing can cultivate a loyal following and brand integrity, increase website traffic, and provide vital insights into your target market.

Various interactions contribute towards social media marketing, including:

  • Launching new products

  • Replying to comments and messages

  • Creating posts, stories, and reels

  • Paid influencer posts and reviews

The beauty of social media marketing is that it’s easy for businesses to customise how they want to advertise online. Cultivating a brand image helps customers identify the company and engage with its products.

How does social media increase market reach?

Between the algorithm of platforms like Instagram and the capability to post content to an international audience, social media makes expanding a business’ market reach easier. Using social media to uncover trends surrounding your industry allows you to tailor your content to the right market and reach more people.

What you post on social media dictates the strength of your market reach. Surveys show 46% of users will unfollow brand accounts that post promotional content too often. Your branded content should bring helpful information to your target market that engages them and encourages them to share, comment, and interact.

Optimised content targeting your audience’s interests can increase social traffic, improving conversion rates. Different social media platforms utilise various tools to make it easier for creators to promote their brands and produce engaging and compelling content.

How to use social media tools to increase market reach

Social media is one of the biggest equalisers in the modern market. Anyone can post online for the world to see completely free. Utilising the tools available on social media can elevate any business significantly if you do it right.

Keep reading to see our best tips for using social media tools to increase your digital marketing reach.

Spread your brand

The majority of internet users have social media accounts on multiple websites. Use this by creating business accounts for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Use consistent imagery and tone across platforms to promote brand integrity and awareness.

Less-used platforms like Pinterest and Reddit are also worth your time. Pinterest has a majority of 60% female users, while Reddit reflects the opposite, with 63% of users being male. Each platform has its benefits for female-oriented or male-oriented marketing.

Research your keywords

Keyword research is a focal part of copywriting, and it applies to social media as well. The captions and hashtags you use on social media affect who will see your posts and how likely they will engage with them. Keyword research gives you vital insight into the terms your target market uses and the content they want to find.

Use your keyword research to inform what content you create. It’s no use copying popular pre-existing content on the platform; this reads as cringy brand behaviour that pushes most users away. Instead, create helpful content that answers the pressing questions of the community or teaches them something new and exciting. Create content with value.

Follow trends

Posting content relevant to the trends in your field increases the likelihood of viewers seeing your page, following it, and visiting your site. Use trending topics to inform the theme of your content, and create posts that fit the platform’s best medium. For example, Facebook posts with videos receive an average of 5x more engagement than posts with images.

Equally, Instagram’s algorithm shows a preference for reels. These video-based posts get 67% more engagement than regular video posts, giving you a chance to gain enough views to feature on the Explore page. Configuring your content to make the most of this medium pushes your account towards greater market reach.

Schedule posts tactically

Most social media platforms will let you schedule your uploads as standard or with a professional account. Use the available statistics to establish the best time for your posts to go live. Remember, the statistics can only tell you so much; you need to customise your schedule to times your target market will likely be online.

For example, if your business or your client’s business sells sportswear, it makes sense to post when fitness influencers post and gain the most interaction. This is likely to be early morning and late evening to target people who work out before and after work. Checking social media between sets and after a workout is very common.

Run giveaways

Operating a giveaway means asking your current followers to engage with your content by sharing your post, liking your posts, tagging their friends, or some combination of the above. After the giveaway period ends, use a random name picker to select however many winners you promised. Winners receive freebies or heavy discounts from your business.

This method boosts market reach because accounts sharing your post to their story will raise your visibility, encouraging their friends with similar interests to check out your account and interact. Offering too many giveaways cheapens your brand. Instead, giveaways work best when you use them for milestone followers like 1k, 5k, and 10k. 

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Effective social media marketing can increase your reach, improve your brand’s reputation, and revolutionise your business’ future. Here at The Author’s Pad, we can help you learn how to properly optimise your content to have the most significant reach, as well as how to plan a social media campaign and more.


Here are some frequently asked questions about using social media tools to increase your digital marketing reach.

How does social media help reach potential customers?

Using social media to represent your brand can increase your visibility with your target market on the platform. The benefit of social media marketing is that it’s cheap, only costing time and effort. However, cheap doesn’t mean easy, and you’ll only reach your potential customers by providing engaging and valuable content on the platform.

What is the biggest benefit of social media?

The biggest benefit of social media is the opportunity for connectivity. Social media platforms act as an equaliser that puts businesses and customers on even ground. It’s especially useful for independent companies to reach out more within their communities and gain a follower base.

Why is social media a great tool for your business?

Social media is an invaluable tool because it provides immediate feedback from your customer base. You can learn about the type of content they want to see, gain inspiration from competitors in your field, and promote your business for free.

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