The Importance of Personalization in Your Marketing Funnel for Digital Marketing

In today’s society, the use of digital marketing has become viral among companies. Appearing on the screens of the newest smartphones, trending social media platforms, and across the whole internet has become the new way for your business to grow quickly.

Digital marketing’s ability to provide real-time, measurable results and its cost-effective nature have boosted its popularity above other forms of marketing, like high-risk marketing. 

One of the main reasons for its recent success can be found in its ability to provide customers with a personalized and unique experience tailored to them.

In this blog, we will explore the importance of digital marketing and how a personalized marketing funnel is a tool you cannot miss out on.

Digital Marketing

Want to boost your site visits, grow your client base and get more likes on your business's Instagram posts?

Digital marketing is the key. With the widespread use of the internet and digital devices, digital marketing is your path to reading wider audiences. 

Whether small or large, your company can engage with customers across different socials such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and a quality digital marketing plan can provide you with great results!

4 Key Elements of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a complex and wide topic that covers most aspects of copywriting, and if you’re looking into expanding your copywriting business, it's important you are aware of its components.

Here are some elements that make up digital marketing - but it's nowhere near all of them!

1.  Search Engine Optimization 

Otherwise known as SEO, this is optimizing your website content to rank higher on search engines like Google and get good organic traffic rates. 

Digital marketing paired with the effective use of SEO is one of the best ways to grow your business fast, as more traffic equals more customers.

Try out tools such as SurferSEO that help users research, write, optimize, and audit. Making SEO as simple as possible!

2.  Social Media Marketing

Social media holds a plethora of potential customers across the globe, and accessing and communicating your business and brand exactly how you want to appear through the use of digital marketing is the key to success in this area. 

Tap into this great resource and create your brand’s image, awareness, and engagement.

3.  Analytics and Tracking

Digital marketing includes in-depth research, data-driven decisions, and competitor research that will help you track the success of your business and plan for future marketing endeavors.

Identifying your competitors, analyzing their digital presence, finding gaps and opportunities to excel beyond them, and developing a competitive strategy are all part of competitor research that is crucial to any digital marketing strategy. 

4.  Email Marketing

Creating and using email campaigns to communicate with all potential prospects in your copywriting business is essential to build customer relationships and promoting your brilliant work! 

Try out CovertKit, the go-to marketing hub for copywriters and content creators, helping you to monetize your business easily!

Key Fact

Around 80% of marketers use automated email campaigns to nurture leads (HubSpot).


What Is A Marketing Funnel?

In short, a marketing funnel is your customer’s journey, from spotting your business online while scrolling on their phone to subscribing to your writing channel, purchasing a service, or any form of final conversion.

In terms of digital marketing, a marketing funnel allows you to understand and optimize your sales process, improve your brand image, and identify drop-off points and areas to improve.

Have a look at our example below, which outlines the stages of a digital marketing funnel:




Your goal as an expanding business is to transform prospects into customers through this funnel with as few drop-off points as possible, so having a personalized visual model for your business is the best way to analyze what needs to change. 

Key Fact

On average, only 4% of website visitors are ready to buy on their first visit (MarketingSherpa). Making an impact and making your brand recognizable is the best way to make them return.


How To Personalize A Marketing Funnel For Your Copywriting Business

Here at The Author’s Pad, we encourage improving your skills and business performance, and knowing how to personalize a marketing funnel for your company will help you do just that.

Start by defining your target audience, your ideal customer, and their pain points, needs, and preferences. These will give you an insight into how you need to tailor your content to suit them. Remember, well-planned and targeted content is the best form of content to get customers.

Next, you must develop content that addresses these needs at every stage in your funnel so that your content continuously shows how your business will benefit the prospect. For example, create blog posts, social media updates, and email campaigns to build awareness and spread your message.


Try helping potential clients further down the funnel with trial offers or free consultations.

Use personalization tools to help segment your audience and deliver customized content. Try out Canva and its great options for brand-building software.

Finally, make sure that you measure and analyze your results. A personalized digital marketing funnel is there to help you see deeper into the workings of your business success and customer retention.

Find what’s working and what isn’t, and make adjustments to drive better results from your funnel! Only 10-20% of leads are typically ready to make a purchase when they enter your marketing funnel, and your job is to perfect the process so that they stay!

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