Top 16 Copywriting Trends for 2023

Being ahead of the game when it comes to copywriting will give you an edge over the competition.

So here are 16 copywriting trends and content marketing trends for 2023. Once you’ve gone through this article, make sure you use this knowledge to your advantage. 

If you already have particular skills mentioned below, make sure to ‘play them up’ with potential clients, as you know these will be aspects they’re looking for in their next copywriter. 

And if you lack certain skills, forewarned is forearmed! Make sure you take steps to upskill so you can meet the copywriting demands in 2023.

Steps to upskill to meet the copywriting demands

1. AI copywriting

AI copywriting has been gathering pace in the last few years, and 2023 will be the year when it becomes mainstream. However, there is no need for concern. You’re not about to be replaced by super-intelligent cyborgs!

The use of artificial intelligence in copywriting is more for time and energy-saving. While the technology is impressive, it still lacks the ‘human touch.’

Savvy copywriters are using AI copywriting tools to assist them rather than seeing them as something that will replace them.

For example, AI copywriting is fantastic for creating rough drafts, which a writer can polish and add personal touches and flair.

AI copywriting can also show writers where they can improve copy at a glance. AI copywriting tools to check out and

2. From copywriter to copywriting consultant

This trend is a follow-on from the AI copywriting trend. As artificial intelligence becomes smarter and creates a realistic copy, human copywriters will be seen in a more consultative role.

Instead of ‘doing’ the copywriting, you will become someone who gives advice and creates frameworks.

Use knowledge of this trend to your advantage by helping your customers. Ask them what difficulties they have and how copy can solve those problems. How can you help them with their overall content marketing strategy?

Start demonstrating that ‘consultant’ side of you now to stay ahead. 

The ‘doing’ copywriters will fall by the wayside as AI becomes even more intelligent, but you’ll have nothing to worry about as a copywriting consultant.

3. Interactive content

Chatbots have become the norm as interactive content in the last few years, and in 2023, they’re set to become even more popular with advancements such as natural language processing and machine learning.

Then there's augmented reality which sounded so futuristic just two to three years ago but is already becoming normal for forward-thinking businesses. 

How do you fit into this as a copywriter? It’s simple. Interactive content still requires intelligent, well-thought-out content. In fact, tailoring content can require more content.

For example, we’re sure you’ve had a bad chatbot experience. Yes, some of that experience may be to do with software issues, but a lot of it has to do with bad or no copywriting. ‘Canned’ responses that don’t help a customer or lead them to a dead end are not only a lost opportunity but can also lead to complaints.

Make sure you demonstrate the need for great copy, no matter how futuristic-sounding the technology is. Great content is great content and will always be necessary, no matter the form it comes in. 

4. Copywriting for video

Video is the most consumed content online and has been for several years., It will be no different in 2023 as it continues to dominate copywriting trends.

Offer video copywriting in the form of scripts and video strategy will become a key tool in your arsenal to attract and keep customers going forward. 

Scriptwriting for videos will also change depending on the platform. For example, TikTok is known for short-form videos, while YouTube is the king of longer videos.

Demonstrating your knowledge of best practices and what converts best on different platforms will earmark you as the copywriter to hire.  

If you already have skills in this department, let your current clients know by demonstrating your knowledge of whatever platform they use to generate leads.

If you don’t have video copywriting skills, now is the time to upskill.

5. Consistent brand tone on all channels

Another trend gathering pace for a few years is the need for a brand to sound uniform across all channels and platforms. 

This is great news for you as you can use this knowledge to negotiate bigger projects. 

Educate them on why having different writers for blog posts, LinkedIn, web copy, adverts, etc., hurts their conversions and sales.

It makes far more sense for one copywriter to handle all the content (or, if that’s too much, be the copywriting consultant that manages and delegates to others) to ensure a consistent brand tone.

6. Webinars

Webinars continue to be a key content marketing trend that shows no sign of stopping in 2023, and it’s understandable why.

Webinars are a great place for businesses to showcase their products and allow their customer to engage with the brand fully.

However, many brands don’t use webinars because of the time and effort spent on content creation, such as scripts, presentation slides, handouts, promo copy, etc. 

Demonstrate your knowledge in this area to current and prospective customers (and if you don’t know, learn it!) They’re likely leaving money on the table by not utilizing webinars in their content marketing, and your copywriting could be the key to unlocking these profits.   

7. Using FAQs

Did you know that 14% of all searches on Google searches start with the word ‘how?’

This means millions of people every day look for answers to their questions. 

We all know that the aim of all content marketing is to answer those questions. But online attention spans continue to drop, so the average person makes snap judgments about whether your content will give them the answer they’re looking for.

This is what FAQs are one of the biggest copywriting trends. If someone spots a question that is identical (or almost identical) to the one they’ve searched on Google, they’re more likely to click on your content than a competitor’s.

Sadly, a lot of businesses either don’t have an FAQ section or see it as somewhere to dump a few general questions.

Intelligent business owners keep tabs on what their ideal customers are typing into Google and other search engines and use this to create FAQs that customers actually ask.

And now that you have this vital information, you can also wow your customers by creating FAQs that get them noticed by their potential customers.  

8. Case study-based storytelling

We don’t need to tell you that storytelling is one of the most important things you’ll learn to create high-quality content. 

This trend is all about marrying storytelling with data. Stories are the key to grabbing and keeping the attention from a target audience. However, it’s hard facts we want to see when making a buying decision.

Using both is the key to gaining attention that converts into sales. 

Create stories based on case studies. Start with the problem a particular customer had and how they tried to find a solution without success. 

Now enters the product or service in your story. Demonstrate with hard facts and figures how the problem was solved. How did the product or service save or make money, and how much? Or how much time did the product or service save, etc.? 

If your current clients are not using case study-based storytelling, now is the time to tell them they’re missing out!

9. Repurposing as a content marketing strategy

Repurposing content is not new, but 2023 will be the year more businesses realize how much content they already have, and it’s a more efficient content strategy to repurpose than keep generating new content all the time.

The problem? Repurposing does not mean just taking content wholesale from one platform and dumping it into another.

For example, you wouldn’t take a 2,000-word article and send that as an email.

The problem for businesses is that repurposing takes time and effort. That’s where you come in.

Demonstrate your understanding of different platforms and best practices for repurposing. 

For example, you could tell a client that a 2,000-word article is best summarized into two to three ‘teaser’ paragraphs for an email and then a link to the original article. 

Or you can rewrite the article into ‘episodes’ to go out via email sequentially.

The benefit for you is that you are creating work for yourself, and the work is relatively easy as there’s no research or content creation from scratch involved - just rewriting. 

10. Voice search

More and more people have smart speakers, which will change the content.

As we go into 2023, how your copy looks will be less important. Instead, how you use words and how they sound in voice search will become more important. 

There will likely be a move away from keyword-focused titles and headings. Instead, it would make sense for titles and headings to be framed as sentences that a user would use to ask for something in voice searches.

11. Copy that works when English is a foreign language

As we become a global neighborhood, the need for copy that is understood and resonates has become a key content marketing trend.

Even within English-speaking countries, there can be huge differences in the context of certain words and phrases.

As more and more companies cater to global audiences, as a copywriter, you need to ensure you write copy that works whether someone speaks British English, US English, or even English as a foreign language. 

12. Long-form copy

This may be surprising, given the trend for video content. But there appears to be an opposite reaction happening here.

As people prefer watching videos, when they do want to read, they prefer well-researched, intelligently-written long-form content. 

Yes, for social media marketing, the content is getting shorter, but outside of the social media world, it's getting longer. 

13. Podcasts will become even more popular

More and more businesses realize how podcasts can generate highly qualified leads from their target audience. 

When people listen to podcasts, they usually give them their undivided attention. Compare that to social media platforms, where we’re constantly distracted.

It’s why leads that come from podcasts are of a higher quality. 

So how does this affect you as a copywriter? 

Many brands and businesses would love to start a podcast but are scared of the time and effort it will take to create content ideas and scripts.

That’s where you come in! You can help write scripts and episode plans. 

Not many copywriters have these skills, so make sure you learn to stay ahead of the game. 

14. Email marketing remains king of the digital marketing trends

Every year, someone will herald the death of emails. And each year, the evidence points to email marketing as the digital marketing trend that generates the highest ROI.

This trend will continue in 2023. If you’re a skilled email copywriter, push those skills to the forefront when speaking to potential customers and encourage them to increase their email marketing efforts.

And if email copywriting is something you’ve never done before, consider upskilling yourself - it will be worth it. 

15. Doubling up content as a content marketing strategy

Many businesses miss opportunities to add other content formats to already existing content. 

Previous content could be made more attractive, understandable, and even more search-friendly by adding, for example, infographics, custom graphics, or videos. 

The more content formats you use, the more chances you have to grab attention.

As with content repurposing, this doubling-up content strategy is a great way to create new projects for your customers that are relatively easy to do as you’re using existing content. 

16. Updating old content as a content marketing strategy

Like repurposing content and doubling up content, most business owners forget content they've previously posted.

Regarding Google, the age of a website is very important. The older a website, the more credibility and authority it has.

However, it also needs to see that the website is being updated regularly.

Most business owners assume this means pumping out new content regularly. While they need to do this, they’re missing an easier content strategy option right under their noses - updating their old content. 

Look at expert content marketers such as Hubspot, for example. Many of their articles will have a note saying the original article is from several years ago, but it’s been updated for this year. 

They do this because they know Google and other search engines will notice the update and boost their articles to higher search results. 

Use this knowledge when speaking to your customers. As them about previous blog posts, articles, and other content. Tell them you can easily update them with new, relevant information. 

You could find you’ve created a huge, lucrative project if they have an extensive library of previous content!

Use these content marketing trends to make 2023 your best year

As we said before, forewarned is forearmed. 

Use the above copywriting trends and content marketing trends to inform how you speak to current and potential clients and coordinate their marketing strategies.

They will also inform you of any skills gaps you have that you need to plug.

Get in touch with us, and let us know how you get on!

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