What Content Could be Used for a Structured Snippet Extension

What are snippet extensions?

Structured snippet extensions help to relay basic information about your client's product or service offerings to browser search queries. They help search engines to find potential online customers. There are a huge variety of categories that can benefit from using a structured snippet extension as an effective advertising tool. It informs your audience about what your business provides at a glance without clicking on the site and is a good digital marketing strategy.

If you want to make your information more memorable for your users, then using ad extensions is a smart digital marketing move.

The snippets are made of two parts:

  • Header

  • Values

What content could be used for a structured snippet extension header?

The various types of structured snippet headers you can use in your digital marketing are:

  • Types

This is more of a general header, and if you are not sure of which header to use, you can use the ‘types’ header. For example, the American Automobile Association uses different memberships in its types header.

  • Styles

When you want to list specific subtypes within a broader product category, you can use the styles header. However, you should take care that the items you list in the ‘style’ header should be variations of the same category of product. For example, coffee mugs with different designs.

  • Shows

When advertisers want to list the names of TV shows or performances, they can use the show header. For example, Shows: Friends, Slumdog Millionaire, etc.

  • Service catalogs

You can list the services your business offers by using the structured snippet header of ‘service catalog.’ This header can be used only for services and not for listing products. The users can get quotes for the services listed on the advertiser's website through structured snippet lists. For example, a handyman could list weatherproofing services, home decor services, plumbing services, etc. 

  • Neighborhoods

Official city tourism sites usually use this structured snippet to list the neighborhoods in the city. Only specific districts of a city can be listed in this neighborhood header. You cannot list the names of cities or apartment buildings.

  • Models

You can only list models of a particular product like cars or personal electronics in this ‘models’ structured snippet header. Only specific model names are allowed and do not include manufacturer or store names. Also, you can't add characteristics like a model number or a benefit. For example, Model: Prius, Camry, and Corolla are models of the Toyota company.

  • Insurance coverage

The ‘insurance coverage’ header highlights specific types of insurance coverage. Here's a structured snippet header example from an insurance comparison site. Insurance coverage: Auto, Home, Life, Renters, Two wheelers, etc.

  • Featured hotels

Advertisers can showcase specific hotels, which they can then book for their customers through the featured hotel header. This snippet header is used by hotel booking websites and travel agencies to help their customers find hotels and book rooms. The values in this header should be the specific names of hotels. For example, Featured Hotels: Hilton NY, The Park, NY, Marriot, NY, etc.

  • Destinations

The destinations header is generally used by airlines, rail companies, and bus operators. The 'destination' snippet header lists specific places visitors can travel to. It can be cities, states, countries, continents, sites, or attractions. These companies list the destinations the passengers can travel to using their services.

  • Degree programs

An educational institution, like a college or school, uses the 'degree program' snippet header to promote specific programs that the institution offers. The list should contain specific degrees like MA or BA. It should not contain any additional information about the degree programs. For example, Degree programs: Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, Taxation, etc.

  • Courses 

In this 'course' snippet header, you can list specific classes or courses, such as ‘creative writing’ or ‘public speaking.’. You cannot list degrees like MBA or BA as you should use the degree program snippet header instead.

  • Brands

Under the 'brand' snippet header, you can list specific brands you offer without any additional information or description of the brands and products. You also cant include the number of brands you offer or any defining phrases.  For example, if you want to advertise various Dell laptop brands, your header will read, Brands: Inspiron, Alienware, XPS, etc.

  • Amenities

The snippet header ‘amenities’ is usually used to highlight the features and facilities a place offers. This header enables hotels, Airbnb, or real estate agents to showcase the amenities they have to offer. This is how Airbnb uses this header, Amenities: WiFi, pet friendly. Laundry facility, etc. 

How do I optimize structured snippets and boost ad performance?

You can optimize structured snippets for your digital marketing strategy with these few tips and tricks:

  • To get the best results and make structured snippets work, focus on matching the search and query intent to the target audience.

  • Add structured snippets to an ad campaign or ad group by pairing them with search queries the snippets will appear for. This will make it easy for them to be found by the search engine.

  • Use the correct format. Complete the list and highlight specific aspects to make it easy for the visitor to understand what products and services your company offers. Double-check to make sure you have compiled everything with the most relevant structured snippet you need.

  • List at least four values per header. This helps to widen the choice base for the visitor and keeps them engaged on your site. This is a crucial part of online advertising.

  • Consider the smartphone or mobile user who uses mobile and tablet devices and is an on-the-go type of customer. More individuals search using mobile devices than desktops or laptops.

  • A crucial step in the SEO process is to capture the attention of potential customers by using an ad extension. You can do this if you create shorter snippets. Optimization of snippets is a must for engaging customers on the go.

  • It's a good strategy to have several header value options available. It gives the client more choices, and you may have a more relevant extension to pair with the ad.

What are dynamic structured snippet extensions?

There are multiple structured snippet extensions available. Dynamic structured snippet extensions are extensions that are automatically added to your ad campaigns by Google. Based on the information that google has about your products and services, it will decide which snippets to show and which values to add to your campaign.

The drawback to this is that Google does not reveal to you the actual snippets they have created. You can only find out what snippets have been created by a chance encounter.

For this reason, most people turn off dynamic structured snippets extensions. 

How do I turn off dynamic structured snippet extensions?

You can turn off structured snippet extensions by following these steps:

  1. Log into your account.

  2. Go to the ‘ads and extension’ menu.

  3. Navigate to the section called 'automated extensions.'

  4. Click ‘more’ in the top right-hand corner of the page.

  5. Choose advanced options.

  6. Pick the option, ‘turn off specific automated extensions.’

  7. Select ‘dynamic structured snippets’ from the list.

  8. Specify the reason for disabling the dynamic structured extension.

  9. Click on the ‘turn off’ button to complete the process of turning off structured snippet extensions.

How do I use Google ad structured extensions?

Google Ads structured snippets are used to help people advertise certain aspects of their products and services. They are a type of ad extension. 

The heading of an ad should be below 30 characters, and its description should not be more than 90 characters. To use this feature, follow this process:

  • Go to Google ads. 

  • Click on 'search campaigns' and find 'ads.'

  • Click on 'extensions' 

  • Find 'add structured snippet extension'

  • Once on this page, choose your desired header. 

When you add structured snippets to your search ads,  you are providing valuable information to your viewers. 

Follow these simple steps on Google and make your ad stand out to your target audience and attract more qualified leads. 

By using the right information in your headers, you can do away with the problem of unnecessary clicks. It will help your target audience find you more quickly on Google - a win for you and your readers/customers.

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