How to Become a Copywriter with No Experience

So you want to become a successful freelance copywriter but have zero experience. How do you get started?

Unlike other career choices, you don't need formal education or qualifications. Copywriting clients want proof that you're a good copywriter. Evidence can come in the form of testimonials, glowing testimonials, and conversion statistics.

That's great, but if you've never written before and never had clients to build up a portfolio, how do you get started on your copywriting journey? Read on to discover the best route to become a copywriter with no experience.

Discover the best route to become a copywriter with no experience 

1) Focus on a particular sector or industry

Copywriting is a great skill, but very few copywriters know that market knowledge trumps the slickest of wordsmiths. Clients will value a mediocre freelance copywriter with in depth knowledge of their industry. They will always outperform a gifted copywriter who has basic or no knowledge of an industry.

Not only that, you lose major credibility if you say you can 'write anything.' Clients don't want to teach freelance copywriters the basics of their industry. They want a good copywriter who can hit the ground running.

Nearly every single successful freelance copywriter with a long-established copywriting career has niched down.

Perhaps you're a fan of keeping fit. You can now speak knowledgeably to copywriting clients in the fitness industry. Or you could write for adjacent industries such as wellness or supplements.

Maybe you're a female copywriter who's passionate about women's issues? You can write copy that proves your expertise to clients focusing on marketing to women.

Do you have a degree in accountancy but hate the idea of becoming an accountant? You can impress accountancy firms with your grasp of accounting terminology.

Clients like hiring writers they feel instantly comfortable with because they 'get' them.

2) Research the freelance copywriting market

Now that you've niched, to become a copywriter in demand, you need to find out what genuine paying clients in this area want.

This is easy as all you have to do is look for freelance writer jobs or gigs online.

Some platforms to find great copywriting job offers are:

  • Indeed

  • Mediabistro

  • Problogger

  • Journalismjobs

  • Freelancewritinggigs

  • BloggingPro

To make it as easy as possible for you, <NAME OF OUR PLATFORM> goes through all the above sites and more to create a list of copywriting job offers in one place.

These adverts will tell you what paying clients in your chosen industry want from freelance copywriters. The best adverts will also give you lots of information about the companies.

3) Focus on a particular copywriting service

When starting as a freelance copywriter, it could be tempting to say you can write 'anything.' You just want to get started, and you're happy to turn your hand to articles, landing pages, adverts, emails, video scripts, product pages, ad copywriting, etc.

Being a 'jack of all trades' does not inspire confidence in potential clients. That will make you a mediocre freelance copywriter. Become a copywriter who's an expert in a particular service.

A good copywriter will specialise in one or two copywriting services. For example, a direct response copywriter is skilled at improving conversions on a landing or sales page. It's 'direct response' because a customer takes action immediately after reading. The action could be leaving an email address, booking a call, or buying something.

Direct response copywriting is a different skill compared to, for example, blog post writing or email marketing. Email marketing copywriters tend to focus on building momentum for sales over time. Blog post writers concentrate on keeping the reader on the site for as long as possible (for SEO ranking). Almost every successful copywriter has niched down into a particular area of expertise.

When you focus on a particular form of copywriting, you can quickly become a copywriter with an expert reputation. That's because you'll be doing the same thing again and again. You can't become great at something when you're learning a multitude of other skills at the same time.

Use the market research you did earlier and your copywriting preferences to niche into one or two key services.

4) Read copywriting books to learn copywriting

We've already stated that you don't need formal training to be a great copywriter. However, you can't expect to get paid copywriting jobs if you don't know anything about copywriting.

A good copywriter understands their job is to make their clients money by persuading people to buy from these clients. This differs from content writing for brand awareness, relationship building, etc.

The better your copywriting skills, the more money you make for them. This means you can command more money too.

The copywriting world has some famous copywriters who have written books on writing copy designed to persuade. This is a cost-effective way to learn copywriting.

Some recommendations:

  • The Gary Halbert Letter - Gary Halbert

  • Scientific Advertising - Claude Hopkins

  • Breakthrough Advertising - Eugene Schwartz

  • Ogilvy on Advertising - David Ogilvy

  • Tested Advertising Methods - John Caples

  • Integrated Marketing Communications - Don Schultz

  • Advertising Secrets of the Written Word - Joseph Sugarman

  • Copy Logic! - Mike Palmer and Michael Masterson

  • The Copywriter's Handbook - Robert Bly

Also, if you followed the earlier step and focused on a particular copywriting service, look for books that teach this. For example, The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy is a must-read if you wish to become a direct response copywriter.

Keep this in mind if you're worried that some of the recommended books are decades old. Human psychology has remained unchanged for centuries. The medium we use to communicate may change, but the vast majority of the psychology involved is the same.

It doesn't matter that some of these copywriting greats in the list above are dead and buried. It's irrelevant that they were writing for print when we are focused on online copywriting. The key skills required to persuade a person to buy from a particular company, brand or person remain unchanged.

5) Take a copywriting course

There are lots of courses out there that help you with the foundations of copywriting.

Make sure your chosen copywriting course is taught by a professional copywriter. They must have proven experience and success in copywriting.

Remember, you don't need any experience to become a copywriter. That's great for you. But it also means people without many copywriting skills can create copywriting courses.

Some recommendations:

1) American Writers & Artists Institute

This is one of the world's leading copywriting training programs. They attract some heavyweight copywriters who create programs for them.

Their vast library means you can find the perfect copywriting course for your chosen copywriting form. However, be aware that many of their programs can be expensive.

2) 'Success Works' Copywriting Course

This is a three-month course that focuses on SEO copywriting. It's by Heather Lloyd-Martin, a copywriter that Forbes describes as ‘the pioneer' of SEO copywriting. As Google is such a huge factor in the success of most businesses, most copywriters need SEO knowledge.

3) {Our program - add name when we have it}

This course will show you how to write converting and SEO-optimised copy and gain clients. You'll also learn pricing strategies and negotiation skills. This will help you build a successful copywriting business.

It's something many people forget when looking to become a copywriter. They focus on learning copywriting and getting clients.

However, the most successful copywriters don't have a tonne of clients. The best copywriters have a small number of clients who pay them well. This program will show you how to achieve this.

4) The Blackford Centre

This copywriting course not only teaches you great copywriting, but you'll also learn how to run a freelance writing business.

You're also assigned a tutor who will keep you on track. This is great for anyone who struggles to motivate themselves.

5) Sell Like Hell

This is a course from renowned copywriter Carmine MasterPierro. It focuses on sales conversion copy, so it's ideal if you want to get into the direct response form of copywriting.

6) Transmedia

This course is for those who wish to work as an in house copywriter for corporates. You'll learn how to write effective copy by understanding branding and corporate identity. This allows you to pursue corporate copywriter jobs.

6) Start writing!

It's incredible how many people want to become a copywriter, yet they don't write regularly. They don't even keep a diary!

Yes, a copywriting career has an element of 'learning on the job'. But no client will be happy for you to learn basic copywriting techniques on their dime.

Reading books and doing copywriting courses will give you the theory, but then you need to put it into practice.

Why not start writing copy for your own blog or website showcasing what you've learnt so far? In a matter of weeks, you could have a simple copywriting portfolio, despite having no clients. You can also offer to write for small websites and bloggers for free. The added benefit is that you get valuable feedback on your writing style and skills.

Most copywriters think of their writing skills as a muscle. If it's not used, it will atrophy. Even when no money is involved, most writers will still write, even if it's for nobody's eyes but their own.

If you don't know where to start, here's a trick made famous by Gary Halbert, one of the world's best-known copywriters.

1.  Search for copywriting content that you like

What content has stopped you in your tracks? What content made you want to buy, sign up, book an appointment, etc.? Look at your own online behaviour to pick content that persuaded you.

Something the best copywriters do is to create a 'swipe file' of great copywriting they come across. It's called a swipe file because it's the ideal place to 'swipe' some inspiration when you're struck with writer's block.

Create a folder where you can bookmark great sales pages, landing pages, blog posts or adverts as and when you discover them online. Create a folder in your email inbox to save great emails that made you take action of some sort. All social media platforms have a 'save' function where you can save great posts.

Within weeks you will have built up a portfolio of fantastic copywriting to inspire you.

2.  Copy the content you find, word for word

The point of this strategy is that, while you're copying down the content, you not only learn good copywriting, you keep it long-term. Perhaps you remember revising for exams when you were in school. We bet you couldn't just read a textbook and expect to do well. In most cases, revising involves writing. The act of writing helps you to remember.

Some proponents of this tactic insist on writing copy with pen and paper. Others have reported good results by typing on a keyboard. Whether you write copy or type, either will be much better than simply reading great copywriting and expecting it to sink into your brain.

Find some great copywriting and start writing or typing it, word for word. Set aside an hour a day to do this, and, within weeks, you will have tuned your brain on what is converting, persuasive copywriting.

Dan Kennedy (one of the world's highest-paid copywriters) has written over 500 sales letters. Of course, this copied content should not go on your public blog or website, if you have one, as you are copying someone else's work.

3.  Create 'better' versions

Try to write better versions of the content you've found. How could you have made it even more appealing? Could a punchier email subject line have increased open rates?

It doesn't matter, at this stage, whether your version is better. Just trying to 'outdo' great copywriting hones your skills.

You can also showcase this work on your blog or website. You could even do explanation articles with side-by-side comparisons.

Some of the world's best copywriters with decades of experience still have swipe files. They add any content that inspires them to keep learning and stay at the top of their game.

The above steps are the inside secret on how to become a copywriter with no experience.

6) Apply for freelance copywriter jobs

Now that you have some copywriting skills and a portfolio of work, it's time to pitch yourself to clients.

Use <NAME OF OUR PLATFORM> to go through all the major job sites and create a list of copywriting job offers that appeal to you. Now, start applying.

This is where our earlier advice of niching down into an industry and copywriting form will help you stand out.

Most writers have CVs that scream 'generalist.'

Imagine your chosen industry is finance, and you're specialising in direct response copywriting. You see an advert for a landing page copywriter.

Most of your competition will send prospective clients CVs and portfolios with all kinds of work. You can direct them to your blog/website, where you have many landing page examples in the finance sector. Perhaps you've even written a blog post on how to increase landing page conversions.

Clients are busy people. They don't want to wade through many applications to find the perfect person. People hire copywriters who can quickly prove they are the right person for the job.

7) Make a 'can't say no' offer to potential prospects

Your potential clients know they need a good copywriter. But saying yes is difficult. Will this person deliver what I want? How much time will I spend explaining things to them? Will they learn the ropes fast enough? Will I waste money and need to rehire? These are typical questions clients have when they're hiring a freelance copywriter.

To stand head and shoulders above others, make them an offer they can't refuse by taking this pressure off them.

Offer to write the first piece of copy for free. If they need an email marketing copywriter, offer to write an email sequence; if they don't like it, they don't have to pay.

Who can say no to this? They're not under any pressure to hire you without checking out what a great freelance copywriter you are. Any fears they have of wasting money, making the wrong choice and needing to rehire, or feeling like an idiot in front of their superiors vanishes.

Please note. Don't offer to do huge jobs for free. We're talking about a small email sequence, a landing page (not a big sales page), etc. Write copy that doesn't take you a long time.

If they say no, it's no big deal. You got in some copywriting practice, and the results can be used to bolster your portfolio on your own website or blog.

8) Partner with an influencer

This little-known tactic can quickly put you ahead of other writers, even writers with far more experience than you.

If you have implemented the earlier steps, you will have determined your target prospect based on your industry/sector and services.

Now you need to find someone whose audience is full of these prospects. They could have a big following on social media, a high-traffic blog, an active email list, or a popular podcast. In other words, an influencer.

Get in touch with them by offering to help them with something. Do not ask them for help. Don't ask them for anything - especially in the first email or message!

Most people think that influencers must get a ton of messages every day, and their messages will be ignored. They're right because most people send messages asking for something. They focus on 'what's in it for them' instead of what the influencer needs.

Imagine waking up to an inbox full of strangers wanting you to do stuff for them. How would it make you feel? This is a daily reality for influencers.

Instead, stand out by talking about how you can help them. Find out if they have problems that you can solve. Don't talk about yourself and what you want until they ask you.

Check out their website, blog, social media presence, etc. Is there something you can improve? Offer to improve it for free.

Join their email list and read their emails. Are there little tweaks you can do to increase conversions? If so, create a fantastic email autoresponder sequence and send it to them without expecting any payment. Or give them a list of great subject lines they can use for future emails.

If you can help their blog convert better, or their sales page, homepage, adverts, social media posts, etc., don't tell them you can do it, just do it. Add value to their business and life without expecting anything in return.

Not only will you stand out like a beacon in a sea of 'me, me, me' messages, but most influencers will also feel compelled to help you and return the favour. After all, one good deed deserves another.

Once you are in their good graces, they can introduce you to their audience. Perhaps they can email their list. Or they could interview you on their podcast, write a blog post or collaborate on social media.

If you want to sweeten the pot, you could offer them a small commission for every new client they send your way from their marketing efforts. This will entice them to promote you over and over again.

Email/message example

Hi <name>,

Love your website/podcast/blog/social media profile, etc. (delete as appropriate)

I particularly liked when you (mention something they said/wrote - this shows you're not sending a cut-and-paste message).

Anyway, I couldn't help but notice (mention the small problem that you can help them with). I'm a specialist in (your service) in (your industry), and I'm sure I can increase your conversions with a few tweaks.

Here's what you can do:

(outline in bullets what they need to change - don't hold back, tell them everything - wow them with your knowledge)

If you use one or more of the above, let me know!

Have a great day,

(your name)

9) Partner with an agency

Another little-known tactic is to find online marketing agencies that will send you copywriting gigs. If you can partner up with a great one, it could be the speediest way to start your copywriting business.

One option is to target dedicated copywriting agencies. However, please be aware that they will already have many agency copywriters on their books. This doesn't mean you won't get work from them. If they're a growing agency, where demand is outstripping capacity, they could still send you lots of work. But you need to be aware that you're competing with other writers.

A cleverer tactic is to find other marketing agencies. They could do search engine optimization, website design, paid ads, social media marketing, etc. It doesn't matter.

The goal is to find agencies with clients that might need your copywriting skills. For example, it's easy for a web design agency to upsell copywriting to their clients. They're experts in design and the technical side of websites. They're not content experts.

How to find an agency to partner with

  1. Use Google Maps or another online tool to find all the marketing agencies in your city or region.

  2. Visit their offices to introduce yourself as a freelance copywriter looking for copywriting work. Visiting in person works far better than emailing or cold calling.

  3. Make sure you regularly follow up with each agency.

This takes a little effort and tenacity. But all it takes is one busy marketing agency to choose you as their copywriter of choice, and you'll have a flood of regular copywriting gig offers.

10) Network in successful copywriter groups

There are many online groups dedicated to helping writers meet each other. You'll find groups on social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn groups. You can also search for them on Google.

These groups can become a valuable place to pick up tips from more experienced writers. You'll also find they may post about writing opportunities. Why would they do that?

First of all, writers are generally a nice bunch of people! But also, when a writer starts to become successful, they'll receive writing offers they don't have time to complete. Or they could receive offers that don't fit their style or niche of writing.

It makes sense for them to help these clients by finding an alternative writer.

How to become a copywriter with no experience - believe in yourself!

Freelance copywriting isn't for everyone. You need tenacity and motivation to become a copywriter.

A thick skin is a must. You need to handle constructive criticism. See negative feedback as a gift to learn what works. The best copywriters love all feedback because this hones their skills.

Make a commitment to yourself that you will master copywriting. Then, start going through the above steps, and you'll see how quickly a copywriter with no experience can succeed!

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